About Equality Charter School

Located in the Bronx, NY, Equality Charter School provides a dynamic, nurturing learning environment, Equality Charter School challenges students with a rigorous middle school curriculum that prepares them for college preparatory academics in high school. Founded in 2009 by three educators, including Principal Caitlin Franco, who rejected the conventional low expectations for students at risk, the Bronx institution offers instruction in grades six through eight. The founders of Equality Charter School designed the schedule to accommodate teenagers, beginning the school day at 9 a.m. and ending it at 4 p.m., with sports, arts, and academic programs offered into the early evening. In addition to an active Parent Teacher Student Organization, Equality Charter School benefits from an expert staff of administrators, teachers, guidance counselors, and social workers who work carefully to help students in all aspects of academic and personal growth.

Equality's Methods

Student academic achievement is directly related to the quality of the classroom teacher. Therefore, we have created a classroom instructional model where there is an investment in intensively developing and supporting our teachers so that they are prepared to provide high quality instruction. Our teachers combine inquiry-based learning with direct teaching. For example, when a student has trouble reading, we will directly teach him/her with a program such as Scholastic's READ 180 so that the weakness is quickly addressed. In science class, though, the same student will "inquire" into experiments and construct their own conclusions. Teachers regularly adapt their lessons as they analyze how their students are achieving, so that teaching and learning are connected to students' needs.